Approval queues

Approval queues can be utilized to support client’s own progress.


With the approval queue quotes, that go over certain amount, will be checked. Approval queue can be made as individual queue and/or as link them together therefore there can be several acceptancers. Different approval queues can have different criteria why there is need for approval. For example when quote goes to approval queue it can be locked. Therefore only main user can edit the quote. Approval history will always be visible on the quote and afterwards user can check if the quote has been rejected and why.



Linked approval queue

There is three different types of approvals, which are linked together.

  1. If YY < coverage amount < XX quote goes to technical manager for approval

  2. If ZZ < coverage amount < YY quote goes to sales manager, after technical manager

  3. If coverage amount < ZZ quote goes to CEO after sales manager

Different types of product exceptions can be defined for the approval queues. Therefore quotes with specific products can always go to approval queue for technical manager. Approval queues are one example of several different tools that are included in CRM2. Other tools for example are: Online replication tool and document templates


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