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Our Contact Portal qualities reaches to the best selling e-mail campaign companies! The Contact Portal works together with CRM2 and it is designed to operate e-mail campaigns for example customer newsletters and surveys. Make the e-mail marketing to be effective and reader-friendly. With the Contact Portal you will be able to achieve new level of e-mail marketing together with CRM!


Create e-mails and templates

With HTML -source tool there is no limits! You can design your e-mail the way you want and how it suits best the needs of your company. 

Add surveys

You can add a survey link to your e-mail to find out valuable information directly from your customers.

Add information, not attachments

In Contact Portal it is possible to create landing pages for deeper and more specific information keeping the e-mail simple and e-mail traffic light.

Personalize content

Use the receivers information to create deeper customer relationship. You can bring information to e-mails from contact's CRM profile when importing target groups to the system.

Follow reporting

Contact Portal provides out standing and precise reporting. You can follow who read, when and how many times your e-mail. All the visits to the landing pages will be reported and the answers from surveys saved. By following your customers behaving you can create better business strategies. 


As in the simplest, operating the Contact Portal happens in three steps.

Create the target group and campaign in CRM
Create the email in Contact Portal.
Send the email to your target group.


With saved templates, updating information is quick and easy, just change the message you want to target for the campaign. You can easily personalize the emails with the information you have in CRM2 under the accounts and contacts. 

Contact Portal updates the statistics behind the campaign automatically and you can easily see how many emails have opened and how many have visited your links. If your company’s webpages are using Google Analytics, you can have the link in the email and get more feedback to your Google Analytics of the opened links.

Contact Portal has the same functionalities than the top tools of the markets and above all this easy tool is always included to CRM2.

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