Are you interested becoming CRM2 reseller?

But there are still some unsolved questions? Here are few questions, with answers, which we hear occasionally.

problemsQ: You are not sure how the CRM2 really works?
A: You can contact us and we can show you a virtual tour to CRM2 enviroment and you will get to know CRM2 product.

Q: You don't understand the earning progress?
A: There is no starting fees. Once you get a customer you will start paying us a certain amount money monthly. We only invoice you by sold CRM2 and additional users. You can make your own pricing to your customers and handle the invoicing. Here are some articles to read about to get to know the field: SaaS pricing models , The Price Is Right: For Early-Stage SaaS Companies, It Needs To Be.

Q: Is CRM safe business?
A: Yes! Not only that is very low risk for you CRM is uprising need for companies all sizes. Market for CRM is increasing since the demand for online services is necessity for succesfull business. Here are few articles listing why CRM is important to business and thats why it is important someone to sell it. 5 Reasons Why CRM Is Important for Small Businesses, CRM and Marketing

Q: What kind of background I need to have to start as a reseller?
A: We don't requaire any specific background or educational level. Important is your interest to the product, understanding what is CRM and capacity to resell it. We are hoping you have atleast two employees to start working fulltime with CRM2. As a Reseller you will become our Channel partner and we will train you and you will train and support your clients. We will support you. More about Partner program.

Q: Do you have CRM2 in my language?
A: We provide our training and support in English. We do have some translations done for certain languages, these are free to use. If need, reseller can translate and modify the CRM2  in any language needed. Translating is always reseller's resbonsobility.

You can always contact us with any question, we are happy to answer!




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