Outstanding reporting

Reporting has been made easy and graphical with CRM2.

The system is already making the report while user is still in progress. In CRM you can create dashboards, share ad-hoc reports and use chargeable analytical Business Intelligence tool. The information to reports can be found from multiple sources and created almost of all information that it is CRM. Dashboard reports are visible on user’s CRM homepage and it is all the time changeable. Reports can be exported for example as PDF, Excel and CSV files. Or they can be printable straight from the CRM. Reportin tool will be updates soon and here are some of the upcoming features. graphs

Examples of current reporting views:

  • User’s home page
  • Dashboard views (example ”Own Project” entry and resourcing)
  • Own views and filters
  • Dashboards (ready grafical views)
  • Reporting generator (ad-hoc reporting)
  • Business Intelligence (QlikView OEM technology)

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