Reporting tool

The basic reporting tool is one of the modules that is available for every instance.

Create reports by:

  • Conditions and grouping  
    Define the reports with upscaled condition possibilities by creating AND & OR -conditions and grouping them. Dynamic timespace can be used as condition (i.e. from start of the year until current date) 
  • Organize
    Drag and drop the report's fields in wanted order and also possibility to rename all of the fields. The report module's front page is smarter and simpler; create folders and mark your favorite reports. 
  • Export
    Report export can be executed in Excel-, CSV- file and also as HTML -format, opened directly in browser (With the HTML -format you can directly use the entity names as links). 
  • Functions
    Report's numerical fields can be used in functions as SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX and COUNT.  


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