Contact Center

The Contact Center is now a part of the portals provided by CRM2. It includes modern functionalities, real-time connection to CRM and reporting features. Like the CRM, the Contact Center is a fully cloud-based service.


In the Contact Center it is possible to manage all the functionalities of the contacting process, for example:
  • An agent can complete the contact’s information, which will then be updated in the CRM right after saving.
  • It is possible to send the contacts e-mail templates that are branded for the company. Therefore in example provide the potential customers with additional information.
  • The managers can create survey templates, that are completed by the agent during the call. This way the information is always saved on the contact entity and it can be later accessed by others as well.
  • The Follow up notes after the discussions are saved and shown automatically on the checklist of the agent.
  • The portal provides the managers and the business management with a comprehensive reporting view of the campaigns.


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