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with your CRM –project

Timo Hyvönen is JM Tieto’s managing consult. He has over 18 years of experience implementing, carrying out and starting up CRM as well as information systems projects. We asked Timo Hyvönen to list the three most important factors that should be noticed when starting up CRM project.

To succeed with your CRM project it is important not to start is as a technological project, but to lead it from business perspective. Operating thru business model endorses development of the system. The project should have participants from the business management level and operative people from sales, development and marketing departments. When different user groups are involved to development of CRM, the system can provide extra profit to the end-users. IT has an important role on background by helping to understand technical possibilities and causal connections. But it can’t lead the project’s goals and implementation.
Definitions of requirements is a document, which lines ups different CRM suppliers and makes it possible to compare different quotes. The document tells what the company is going to purchase, what features the system must accomplish and what the company needs are. If these are missing the worst is that company is totally on suppliers hands. The money you invested to define functional and technical requirements, will pay back later on the project.
When choosing the system or implementing it, there must be space for compromises. In an ideal situation all the best systems from different fields are integrated together, but in reality the systems rarely communicates with each other. Instead of gathering as many features as possible to one system, it is more important to think what the value to the business is, how important is to know i.e. Growth of Facebook visits or how necessary is automatic customer communication. There is always price tag on integrations. Therefore is wise to choose system, which covers best possible way the most important basic features and take time to seek what additional features are needed.

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