Cloud CRM is taking over

Based on growth of cloud CRM forecast is that in 2018 62% of all the CRM on the market will be in cloud.

In 2013 only 35% of CRM softwares were in cloud and already in 2014 cloud CRM took a huge leap and 47% were cloud CRM systems. Years 2015 and 2016 are the tipping point when cloud CRM takes over on-prem CRM on the markets. More about the cloud CRM research.

Why Cloud CRM 

  • No installation
    Always the most recent features are updated directly to the CRM, no manual work for the end-users.

  • Mobility
    The end-user is not tided-up to the desk. Cloud CRM can be used online from anywhere. The end-user can log in to the CRM, simultaneously, from any Internet-enabled computer or device (Smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.). 

  • Cost by users
    The cost of cloud CRM is by users as a SaaS. In CRM2 creating and deleting users is managed by the company itself with admin settings.

  • Security and back-up
    Cloud CRM will not take space from users computers, CRM2 is provided by decentralized and duplicated data center services.  (CRM2 also provides tool for local data backups: OnLine repliction tool)

  • Scalability
    Agile to fit companies’ changing needs. Portals and modules can be added and removed or limited to different user profiles. CRM2 also comes with many of integration possibilities with The Web Service APIs.


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