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White label and adjustable

CRM2 is agile modular CRM which is easy to build and modify by the admin settings. This makes the work easy on every reseller. CRM2 can look like you want, either to have individual look for each customer or just have your own branded look in the white label CRM2 . You can easily change the logos and translations, build wanted documents and email templates. You can have custom workflows and module tools in use, different dashboards and filters, you name it! To find out more what possibilities there are, you can contact us directly or look more information below and under the product information.

Here are the main features listed and if you want to know more what is included to these features, you can browse them more from Product-menu.


Sales Pipeline Sales Force Automation

With CRM2 you can intensively steer your sales by setting budgets to sales groups, accounts, salesmen or business areas. You can follow up how sales and activities are developing. CRM2 gives excellent tools for salesmen to follow their own sales performance and forecasts from their personal sales dashboards.

Support Customer support management

CRM2 provides several different portal environments for managing different type of functionalities. Use the Help Desk functionalities to have the whole customer service process integrated to one CRM2.

marketing Marketing automation

Automatic updating features provides no need to remember small target group audiences e-mails. In CRM2 it is possible to set up certain times, dates or periods when automatic contact to the customer is made.

Advanced Reporting Advanced Reporting

State of the art reporting - highly flexible reporting provides access to all data from different dimensions. Use combination of quick reports, custom reports and Business Intelligence reports. You will have the right reports to serve CRM users role by role. Collect needed indicators and mini reports on your front page. This enables easy navigation from front page to correct data.

BI Business Intelligence

CRM2 includes integrated Business Intelligence views. You can choose from tens of different predefined dashboards the ones that give you the most business value. The Business Intelligence technology is powered by QlikView technology.

project Project management

With CRM2 project management is efficient and organized. Multiple different ways to follow project progress makes the project working fluent, sterling and efficient. Project management includes real-time indicators and a tool to register work hours.

Time Management Activity and calendar management

CRM2 provides several different ways on managing and setting activity targets. You can use several different calendar, activity and sales competition views to enable sales force management. Use activity team, group and agenda calendars straight from your dashboard. Use color coded activity types and statuses in calendar views.

Portals  Portals

CRM2 provides several different portal environments. You can e.g. distribute and manage leads, use web shops, manage marketing and call center actions, manage trouble tickets, use study portal functionalities, etc.

Scalable Solution Scalable solution

CRM2 can be used from small business to enterprise level companies. In CRM2 you can decide what elements and modules are in use by user group level. Also there are no limits for data amounts - you can manage millions of data records with lightning fast performance.

Access permission Advanced access permissions

In CRM2 user permissions can be fine-tuned up to field content level. The three way role, profile, group permissions management gives you flexible permission control over all CRM data.

Call Center Call center functions

Carry out your phone campaigns and follow up results in real time. CRM2 includes all the tools you need for carrying out phone campaigns including activity tracking, reporting, QA analysis, etc.

Email Marketing Email Marketing

CRM2 provides you all the tools you need, whether you know everything about email marketing and HTML or you have just started designing your first campaign for the internet and have no previous web-design experience. Email marketing tools are a part of CRM2 global target group management tools and all information is stored behind company and person data. Email marketing tools fully integrate with CRM's own web tracking tools so you can identify web visits at CRM contact level.

Integrations Integrations

CRM2 provides several integration methods. Integration can be automatize by using Web Service API or data can be transferred through csv and excel files. Users can import csv and excel files using easy-to-use import interfaces. The Web Service APIs provide online access to your CRM2 data. CRM2 includes the SOAP-based inbound Web Service APIs.


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