Time management


With CRM2 project management is efficient and organized. Information of project workflow goes directly to company’s CEO level and to the project leaders. This will help for better project management with control and guidance. Centralized document archives and clear planning creates fluency to projects. All of the project phases can be planned ahead. Following the progress with updated measures, observing expenses, registering work hours, managing meetings are made easy, therefore projects are sterling and efficient.




CRM2 provides several different ways setting activity and target management. You can use various different calendar, activity and sales competition views to enable sales force management. Use activity team, group and agenda calendars straight from your dashboard. Use color coded activity types and statuses in calendar views to be more organized with your work.

There is no need to switch calendars and try to keep them both updated. CRM2 has activity and calendar intergations for Google Calendar and Outlook users.





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